Freitag, 11. Mai 2018
20:00 Uhr

Live-Webinar: The Art of Endodontics

Referent(en): Dr. Stephen Buchanan

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The Art of Endodontics

Dr. Stephen Buchanan

Dr. Buchanan will discuss state of the art endodontic techniques and technologies such as surgical visualization, endodontic and surgical practice models, Dynamic CT Guided Endodontic access, obturation, broken file removal techniques, and several other invaluable endodontic practice techniques and tips.

Multiple concepts will be covered in the hour long endodontic webinar, which will give you, the participant, a great start in adopting these new concepts and technologies into your day to day practice.

At the end of the presentation, Dr. Buchanan will be happy to receive your questions. We look forward to seeing you online, and at Roots Summit 2018 in Berlin this June 28 – July 1.

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Veröffentlichungsdatum: 11/05/2018
Verfügbar bis: 11/05/2021

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Dr. Stephen Buchanan

Dr. Stephen Buchanan, was valedictorian of his class at the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry, completed the Endodontic Graduate program at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1980. Dr. Buchanan began pursuing 3-D anatomy research early in his career, and in 1986 he became the first person in dentistry to use micro CT technology to show the intricacies of root structure. In 1989 he established Dental Education Laboratories, and subsequently built a state-of-the-art teaching laboratory devoted to hands-on endodontic instruction, where he continues to teach today. Through Dental Education Laboratories he has lectured and conducted participation courses around the world, published numerous articles, and produced an award-winning video series, The Art of Endodontics. In addition to his activities as an educator and practicing clinician, Dr. Buchanan holds a number of patents for dental instruments and techniques.

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