Freitag, 29. November 2013
00:00 Uhr

Live-Webinar: DVT in der modernen Zahnheilkunde 2013

Referent(en): Sabine Nahme

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DVT in der modernen Zahnheilkunde 2013

Sabine Nahme

Veröffentlichungsdatum: 29/11/2013
Verfügbar bis: 29/11/2016


Sabine Nahme

She holds numerous professional affiliations and has been recognized professionally for superior relationship-building and business development expertise as well as her ability to build, train and managing necessary changes in high end dental offices and has an extensive expertise in the global dental market.

Over the past years a lot of differnet companies introduced CBCT technology to the dental Industry and it got harder for the dentist and surgeons to make an informed decision which x-ray to purchase. Mrs. Nahme decided that a non-biosed information should be available to everybody in order to make the right purchase and understand the dschungel of Cone Beam Technology.

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