Prof. Lorenzo Breschi DDS, PhD

Prof. Lorenzo Breschi is Full Professor and Chair of Restorative Dentistry and Director of the Master in Aesthetic Restorative Dentistry at the University of Bologna (Italy). He also served as President of the following Academies: Italian Academy of Conservative Dentistry (AIC), International Academy of Adhesive Dentistry (IAAD), European Federation of Conservative Dentistry (EFCD), Dental Materials Group of the IADR (DMG-IADR) and the Academy of Dental Materials (ADM).

Prof. Breschi is Associate Editor of the Journal of Adhesive Dentistry, he has published more than 250 original papers, he is an Active Member of the most prestigious Academies worldwide, and he lectures worldwide on restorative dentistry.

Prof. Breschi owns and leads a private practice in Bologna, specialized in multidisciplinary dental treatments focused on Aesthetic Dentistry.

Webinars by Prof. Lorenzo Breschi DDS, PhD

Adhesive systems: Overview, Evaluation, Development

Prof. Lorenzo Breschi DDS, PhD

Aim of the presentation will be a critical review of the latest improvements of dental bonding systems. Chemical background and physical characteristics of the adhesives will be critically assayed to understand the clinical capabilities and the possible role of the clinician to obtain the highest bonding performances, in terms of improved bond strength, extended durability and reduced post-op sensitivity.

Kostenfreies Webinar 1 CE credit(s)